Workshops & Masterclasses

Doug with Kids

Over the years, Doug has enjoyed hearing from many young musicians who have shared with him, through letters and e-mails, that they have been inspired by his music. “I have had the pleasure of meeting some of them at my concerts, especially string players, and have been thrilled to see them respond to my performances. Through their wonderful enthusiasm, these young people have, in turn, inspired me to personally contribute to their musical development by creating and conducting clinic/master classes for young musicians.”

Doug often offers these classes to students from school music programs in conjunction with a concert engagement. Prior to the concert date, teachers from local schools are contacted and invited to participate in the program. Music is sent in advance and incorporated into their classes. “When I visit the class, I first perform a program with my band, then invite the students to come up and play with me and my rhythm section. Imagine how exciting it is for a young violinist to play with top jazz recording artists!” The students are then invited to my concert, where I often ask a group of them to join me on stage to perform.

The program has proven to be a unique and enjoyable opportunity for both students and their teachers. “Music is a gift that I am grateful to have in my life and I want to share it with as many kids as I can. Let’s face it, music programs in schools all over the country are in jeopardy, and at a time where they are most important. I really believe in this program and the wonderful opportunity it presents to support music education in our schools.” If you’d like to learn more about Doug’s program and how you can bring it to your community, visit his contact page.