About Doug Cameron’s Spontaneous Christmas Program

Doug Cameron’s inspiring Spontaneous Christmas Program.

“This program is truly one of the best offerings out there!”
Maestro John Jeter, The Fort Smith Symphony, Fort Smith, Arkansas

“A true collaboration between Doug and the orchestra”
Maestro Claire Fox Hilliard, The Albany Symphony, Albany, Georgia

Artistic Representation
Dan Goodsitt

239-245-7801 (office)

Doug Cameron’s “Spontaneous Christmas” program is a one of a kind truly uplifting experience.  The program offers a wide variety of unique interpretations of well loved holiday music, everything from Hark the Herald Angels sing to Felíz Navidad to a there movement violin concerto on Carol Of The Bells.  As maestro Claire Fox Hilliard mentions in his interview, “There is only a certain body of holiday music out there, and we can’t do the same thing every year.  We need to find something different and Doug Cameron’s offering if new, fresh and exciting”.