About The Symphonic Pops Program

Artistic Representation
Dan Goodsitt

239-245-7801 (office)

Doug Cameron offers a unique, high energy symphony pops program that truly engages both the audience as well as the orchestra.  The orchestra is an integral part of the performance and is not just “window dressing”…a true collaboration between Doug, the orchestra, the maestro and the audience.  This program has consistently been a smash with orchestras internationally.  Doug has also brought this program to university orchestras in conjunction with a residency.

“Doug’s program reaches a very broad range.  Your long standing traditional symphony goers will love it, young people will love it, people who have never been to a symphony concert will love it!”
Maestro John Jeter-The Fort Smith Symphony, Fort Smith Arkansas

“Doug was actively involved with our orchestra.  His charisma and dynamic style pulled us all together as a team.”
Maestro Pete Peterson, The Signature Symphony, Tulsa, Oklahoma

“The arrangements were very well prepared, very clear for the orchestra.  The conductors score was clear.  A lot of involvement, give and take for the orchestra.  A very powerful program.  There is NO QUESTION that the audience is going to be up on their feet.”
Maestro Kermit Poling, South Arkansas Symphony

“His personality and uniqueness of what he does.  I believe the whole community has a different feeling toward our orchestra as a result, because we did something special for our community”
Maestro Janita Hauk, Port Charlotte Symphony, Port Charlotte, Florida

“Because of the crossover nature of what he does, he plays a classical instrument, but he does it such a way that it’s really attractive to a broader audience.  The styles that he plays, from country to Latin to rock, really brings in a wide spectrum of audience.  He is a true pro, but very easy to work with.”
Maestro Gary Lewis, Midland Odessa Symphony, Texas

“Doug Cameron brought out the biggest audience we have ever had since I’ve been in Bemidji.  The applause went on forever…after every piece!”
Maestro Beverly Everett, The Bemidji Symphony, Bemidji, Minnesota

“What struck me about the show was the level of audience participation.  Doug really brought out a party atmosphere.  The audience didn’t know what to expect next, but everything that did come next they loved!”
Paul Helfrich, Executive Director, The West Virginia Symphony

“Doug’s return concert with The Kansas State University Orchestra was selected for a PBS special on KTWU in the midwest. The arrangements were so well written.  They were not so difficult that it was not pleasurable for the students to learn them.  They were exciting!”
Maestro David Littrell, Kansas State University Orchestra, past President American String Teachers Association